Looking after your mental health and personal wellbeing

This is a dedicated portal to provide Victorian barristers and their families with support and information to help them meet the mental, emotional and other challenges they encounter in their practices.

Find support, information and tip sheets.

The Victorian Bar is committed to ensuring that all members have the support they need to thrive in their working environment. Mental health is an integral part of our wellbeing and overall health. Too often, mental health issues are sidelined or stigmatised. Our aim is for our members and those who support them to be informed and empowered to speak about and gain help for mental health issues.

This portal provides

  • Information to support your psychological wellbeing

  • Tools to overcome specific work-related issues that affect barristers in their practice

  • Guidance about how to help others who are in need

  • Paths you can take if you encounter sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination

  • Additional resources to promote your physical and psychological health and wellbeing

Are you looking for mental health support?

We have created a series of tip sheets and information as a starting point to support you, a colleague or family member.

Counselling services for members

The Victorian Bar funds two separate counselling services for members.

The Re-Vision Group
Converge International

You can find emergency help

Additional Support

Additional counselling support

If you are looking for additional counselling support, the Australian Psychological Society provides a list of psychologists local to you here.

These services are private and not funded by the Victorian Bar.


We would like your feedback!

We encourage your questions, comments and feedback about the information provided here. Please email communications@vicbar.com.au.

Fiona Ellis and Michael Stanton
Co-Chairs of the Health and Wellbeing Committee

Self-care is how you take your power back.


Sally Flynn KC, speaks about the importance of health and wellbeing in the barrister community.