Personal support

Mental Health is an integral part of our overall wellbeing and health

We all experience times that affect our wellbeing – this can include relationship difficulties, financial stresses, workload or mood changes that we can’t seem to understand.

Managing these on our own can sometimes be difficult and we get ‘stuck’ – our wellbeing is compromised and often we try and find ways to ameliorate the unhappiness or discomfort we may be feeling.

Sometimes our distress can affect the relationships we are in, our family, our work productivity and how we relate to our colleagues.

We have created some resources to help you identify what you may be experiencing and some ideas to better manage your stress.

You don’t have to live in a state of distress. Help can be found in professional assistance, offering alternative coping strategies, new perspectives and ways to return to a balance of wellbeing.

Good mental health helps us to more fully enjoy and appreciate the people and environment around us.

Health isn’t just about what you eat, it’s about what you are thinking and feeling too.

John Mendoza


Peer Support Barristers are barristers who have volunteered to be contacted by, and who have been trained to provide support and advice to, those who have experienced, or observe, workplace bullying, discrimination and/or sexual harrassment. Your Peer Support Barrister will not take any action, undertake any investigation or disclose any information about you or the conduct without your consent. For further information, please refer to the conduct policies. Please click here for the list of Peer Support Barristers.